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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 1992.
Where are you located?
Pookey Snoo is located in Allen, TX.  Please call 972-612-9709 for an appointment.
My daughter is 10 years old but tiny. Should I order a size smaller for her?
If your daughter's waist is 24" or more order the child size large. The length is important, not the waist size. If you are worried about the size please call Pookey and talk to her before you order the wrong size.
When will my order be sent?
Pookey Snoo keeps a large inventory and we mail as soon as the order arrives. Usually your order goes out the same day.
Should I have received a confirmation email after placing my order?
Yes, if you did not receive a confirmation email please contact us at 972-612-9709.
Should I send in an order if I need my order by the next day?
Yes, but please call us personally. We could possibly miss your order if you send it to us in the afternoon.
How do you ship?
Pookey Snoo sends all packages Priority Mail through the USPostal System. Priority takes two to three days. Pookey Snoo sends all overnight and second day packages Federal Express. We add the extra cost for shipping to your charge. Sometimes there is an extra charge for second day Federal Express. The extra charge will be added to your credit card.

Overseas orders are priced differently. All orders go through the US Postal Service. We send Airmail Special and the extra charges will be charged to your credit card. When you order, put your entire address in the instructions area.

APO charges are priced the same as USA.

Do you ship second day or Overnight?
Second day shipping is available through FedEx. Please comment in the instructions section of the order form, if you want Saturday delivery. Please note that Saturday delivery is more expensive than the website charges and I will contact you with the additional charge for Saturday delivery. If you do not want Saturday delivery, there is not an additional charge.

Overnight shipping is available through FedEx. However, because we are a small company, FedEx typically charges $60-$90 just for shipping Overnight. If you need something shipped via overnight you need to call or e-mail me at poodleskirts@pookeysnoo.com to place your order. When leaving a voicemail or e-mailing me, please include your name, shipping address the items being ordered, and time and date you must have the order by, so that when I e-mail or call you back, I can let you know exactly how much shipping will cost. Please also note that overnight orders will not go out for shipping until the day after the order is placed.

Do you ship to countries other than the USA?
Yes, we ship all over the world.
What are the washing instructions?
Wash the skirt by itself. Acrylic tends to ball if it is washed with other garments. Wash normal in full load cycle. No bleach! Watch out for some of the detergents because they have bleach. Rub Spray-and-Wash stain stick on spots before you wash. Hang to dry and press with a steam iron set on acrylic.
May I exchange my skirt?
Yes, but there is an extra shipping charge.
May I return my skirt?
Yes, providing the skirt has not been worn and is not soiled. Sorry, we do not return shipping charges and there is a $5.00 restocking fee.
What length is the poodle skirt supposed to be?
Anywhere from below the knee to ankle length.
What color poodle will my skirt have?
The poodle is black on the pink, bubble gum pink, hot pink, turquoise, and light blue poodle skirts.

The poodle is white on the red, purple, and black poodle skirts.
Do the skirts have leashes?
Yes, all of the skirts have leashes.
What do the poodles look like?
The poodles are made of a fuzzy plush material. The poodles are very fancy and wears a crystal collar. There is a picture of the poodle and leash in the Photo Gallery.
Do you sell crinolines?
Yes, we do. Look under slips.
I am an adult size 16. How can I fit in an adult medium?
Seeing is believing! Customers who are size 20 fit in the skirt and rave about how great it fits and how nice they look in the skirt.
What credit cards are accepted?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
Do you accept checks?

Story about poodleskirt sales

Story about poodleskirt sales