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  Rhonda Martin proved herself worthy of her title as "Entertainment Chair" when Elvis showed up in his blue suede shoes and Vegas attire to dazzle all who attended the gala. Rhonda couldn't refuse when Elvis asked "Come on honey, dance with me."

Light Pink Poodle Skirt
Poodle Skirts Yes, our pink poodle skirt was worn by the beautiful girls on Deal Or No Deal. We had a "Deal Or No Deal" party to watch the show. It was an exciting night for all of us at Pookey Snoo.
Thank you so much for the fabulous skirt. Several of my friends also had poodle skirts but the Pookysnoo skirt was clearly the best one there. I received many complements on it the night of our show and have continued to receive complements from people since then.

As you requested, I did get a picture of me in the skirt with my boss - it is attached. He is so funny, he kept shaking his head and saying - she looks like a teenager! Wow, if only all my clothes made me look 20 years younger!

If I can find any pictures of me in the show, I'll forward it to you too.

Thanks again,
Kathleen Black
Tax Policy Advisor
Office of The Honorable Sam Johnson (R, TX)
U.S. House of Representatives

Totally exceeded my expectations! Truly the most adorable
poodle skirt.

This father drove 2 and half hours just to buy one of
our poodle skirts so that his daughter would have the
best at her first daddy daughter dance! Pookey Snoo
Poodle Skirts greatly appreciates our wonderful customers.

2 cuties going to a daddy daughter dance.

I am the canteen manager for the VFW Post in NM. I ordered
2 skirts and tops last year for our sock hop. They are
fantastic and I've told several of my customers that you
have the best I've found. And I am so happy with your
products, I ordered another skirt and accessories! Thank
you so much for your hard work to make the very best
poodle skirts!

Poppilou took "Best of Show" at the Canine Pup Prance in her Pookey Snoo Poodle Skirt.

Hi, Leslie, your poodle skirt came right on time on Saturday. It is BEAUTIFUL and my granddaughter LOVES it! I'm sending you a picture.

The skirt is so nice and thick and warm. Most of the poodle skirts out there are really cheap, thin and flimsy. I usually sew everything myself but I didn't have time this year so your skirt was perfect and quality made. Nothing compares to clothing that is homemade. Thank you so much for getting it to me as quickly as you did and for taking the time to personally communicate with me. This was a very nice and personal purchase. Wishing you good luck with your business. It was a pleasure.

Lisa :) - 2017

I just wanted to say that we love, love, love my daughters outfit she wore to a friend's 6th b-day party. She was so excited!!

Thanks again! I've told all my friends!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful and so very quick service! She loves it and it fits perfectly!

God bless,

Cora Minich

Hey Leslie! Just wanted to tell you how happy we were with the outfit. It was ADORABLE and she looked absolutely perfect in it. Thank you so much!!

Best, Wendy

When Kaylee isn't wearing her Pookey Snoo Poodle Skirt, she is a Taekwondo national champion :)

Thank you so much for making Kaylee feel like she came straight out of the 50's for her special night. The quality of the skirt and crinoline is above anything expected. You do amazing work and made my daughter feel so special.


Shaela loved her poodle skirt! It is now her favorite outfit! Thank you!

Dear Leslie,

Thank you ever so much for making a skirt and crinoline for my daughter! She absolutely adores it and so do I! Such great workmanship. The skirt is so cute and she is wearing it today to class in honor of "The Outsiders" celebration they are having. She looks so darn adorable!

Patti Hayden

Hi Leslie!

Thank you again for all your excellent customer service in ordering and delivering our poodle skirts. Our luncheon was so enjoyable, and the skirts worked out great!

Thank you again for everything.

Leslie! We positively adore the skirt...

This is my daughter Meredith...she will be 11 in June. The LARGE fits just right. She will be the best dressed 50's chick in the school musical.

I am so glad I found you online. There were so many junky looking poodle skirts and I did not want to pay $20.00 for some piece of .... It's so worth paying a bit more. I will recommend you to anyone looking for one.

Thank you

Just wanted to thank you for the great poodle skirts! They were so well made. I think we had the best skirts at the party! I have attached some pictures of me and my girls.


Here are some pictures of my daughter in the poodle skirt that her grandmother ordered from you guys. Everything fits perfectly! The pictures just don't do it justice, it is beyond adorable and everyone raved about it! Thank you!!!

Michelle Morgan

Kennedy from Kentucky wearing a Pookey Snoo skirt and scarf.

Lucy loved her outfit and looked great at her father daughter dance. She was the only one who had a light blue skirt. :)

Cid ... My 9 year old twins Nicole and Katie loved their Poodle Skirt outfits!


My daughter Ava had a great time at her schools sock hop! She really LOVED her poodle skirt and scarf from you all!! You rock and your delivery is super fast too!

Allie in the light pink poodle skirt. Loved this! We got so many compliments. Allie wore this for her school fall festival and Halloween. We're even thinking about doing a sock-hop for her birthday in March.

Thanks for everything, Leslie!

Dawn Russell

Thank you for such a well made, easy to wear, great fitting poodle skirt! I appreciate your prompt call and suggestions to my concern about the length of the skirt. Just so you know, I did not need to hem the skirt for my short 5' stature. This skirt is nicer than I could have imagined and arrived promptly just as promised. I appreciate your attention to detail and to your customer care!

As you can see I love both my poodle and my poodle skirt. I had a lot of fun dancing the night away with my skirt and crinoline slip twirling around me.

I would recommend you to everyone looking for a poodle skirt!

Denise and Winnie-the-Poodle

This was half our crew getting ready for our annual fantasy fest, pet masquerade event, in Key West, Florida. We did Michael Jackson's "Thriller". My daughter played the part of Michael's girlfriend from the beginning of the video...I searched high and low for a light blue poodle skirt. I am beyond thrilled with my Pookey Snoo find. This skirt is awesome! My daughter looked great. Our crew had a blast...and icing on the cake was to win overall best of show :) My daughter loves the skirt!! She's wearing it to school tomorrow :)

Thank you so much for our poodle skirt and accessories! This is my daughter MaKayla, ready for her 3rd grade play!

Savannah in blushing pink

Leslie in the bubble gum pink

Thank you! She looked very nice :)

Thank you so much for rushing our order to FedEx. My girls love the outfits and were totally thrilled about their 50s day. I need to order for myself now :)

Jennifer - TX

Great skirt!! Lucy loves it

Thank you for the skirt. It was and still is a hit. A beautiful skirt for a beautiful girl. She won 1st place.

Carole McQuade

Poodle Skirt Party Poodle Skirt Party
Poodle Skirt Party Pookey Snoo is a proud sponsor of the Woodhaven Wranglers and as you can see, the girls wore the Bubble Gum Pink and Black Poodle Skirts in their competion.

My granddaughter loved the poodle skirt. She was the best dressed one in her program. Thanks so much for having this great service for everyone to get these precious skirts.

Thanks again, Barbara

Mother-Son Sock Hop

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Dear Pookey Snoo,

I wanted to send you guys a picture of my husband and my daughters at our local YMCA "Daddy Daughter Dance". Although the dance was not a 50s theme, we wanted to be creative. Everyone could not get enough of their outfits. They LOVE them and they looked great. You guys do great work! My daughters Bailey and Megan thank you!


Cassidy Binderim from Florida

Hi Pookey Snoo,

We had such a fantastic time at the Daddy Daughter Dance, thanks to being able to enhance our theme of sock hop, with your amazing skirts! The girls looked terrific and loved twisting and dancing the night away. We also used your car table toppers, they were a huge hit...filled with popcorn, pretzels and mints! What fun we had! Thank you for your quality products and extremely rapid delivery!


Marnie P. from Michigan

Thank you! Claudine & Katharine. It was her 50th day of kindergarten and they had a 50s day :)

We loved the skirt and crinoline! This was for a 50s 6th grade music program.

Thank you,


I just want to say thank you for the beautiful poodle skirt. My name is Miranda Chiong (6 years old) and I looked like I just stepped out of the 50s. I was a "Birdette" in the school play of "Little Red Riding Hood" with a 50's twist.

Thank you again.

Miranda Chiong
Effort, PA

Thanks again!!

Jill Bird

Last night was the school 50s show and Tarah's bubble gum pink poodle skirt was the cutest skirt in the show. Tarah said on the way to the school she felt beautiful in her skirt. Thanks again for your excellent customer service and top notch product.


Anna Thompson


We had so many compliments on our skirts! Great job getting them to us in a super timely manner.

Thanks again,

Sherri Funk
Vicenza Community Club

Poodle Skirt Party Poodle Skirt Party
Camryn's birthday.

Dear Pookey,
Thank you so much for my fabulous poodle skirt! We attended Shaklee's 50th Anniversary at AT&T park in San Francisco, fortunately the theme was the 50s and we had a great time! I LOVED my poodle skirt! Thank you so much for all the love and care you put into my poodle skirt .. the detail was beautiful right down to a matching scarf! I recommend your poodle skirts to anyone wanting to look fabulous for the occasion. Thanks again! You're the BEST!!!

Kim Silver

*Part of the Pookey Snoo Family*
in Pink, Hot Pink and Bubble Gum Pink skirts.

Hot Pink Poodle Skirt
I wanted to let you know that OUR daughter Aubrey won the BEST DRESSED for the 1st grade in her Shawnee Trail Elementary school. She looked absolutely beautiful and feels like a million bucks. Thanks for your beautiful skirt.

Ron & Jennifer
Frisco, Texas

Thank you so much. Your company is awesome! I ordered the poodle skirt and had it shipped direct to my little granddaughter in Washington and here she is, got the picture today.



Thank you so much for getting us the skirt in time for today!! Brenna looked adorable at her preschool 'Fifties Party'!!


Hi Pookey,

This photo was taken at a Country Coach Rally in Eugene, Oregon in 2006. I am standing next to a refurbished 1938 Indian Motorcycle.

I received numerous compliments on my skirt. Thank you!

Karen Jackson-Hays

Mike and Suzanne Horn, Rhonda Martin and Bruce Van der Lind "Shake, Rattle and Roll" at the Frisco Family Services Center Annual Fundraising Gala in Frisco, Texas.

Eli and Lady Gracie in the pink poodle skirt I ordered from you for our 50th wedding anniversary. Eli and Lady Gracie were so pretty and you should have seen them dancing.

Sue McDaniel
Fayetteville, West Virginia

Dear Ms. Barb,
I am writing to say thank you for my wonderful red poodle skirt and matching scarf. The red matched perfectly with the color scheme of our Junior Float. Just to let you know we won 3rd place. So I thank you 1000 times over. Pookey Snoo is going to be bigger than you could ever imagine.

Sincerely your happiest customer,
Briana Jones
St. Charles, Missouri

Blue Poodle Skirt
Thanks again for the fantastic poodle skirt! As you can tell by the photo, Annelyse looked great and had a wonderful time at her school dance.


Pink Poodle Skirt
Barbara, here are the photos from Julia's 8th birthday party. She had a 50s bowling party and your skirts really made the theme complete. They were beautiful and fit perfectly. Julia and her younger sister, Sara, really enjoyed your skirts.
Thank you!

Glastonbury, CT

Hi Pookey,

Attached are the pictures of my three daughters wearing their poodle skirts. They wore them to the Sock Hop at Skaggs Elementary here in Plano and had a great time. They love their skirts!


Debbie Williams
Plano Texas

The MITRE Corporation in Bedford Mass.

Front Row: Dawn, Traci, Gail, Kim, Teresa
Back Row: Gina, Karen, Lori

Today was our party at work and what a hit!
Thank you, we had a blast!

*please note the red poodle skirt only comes with a white poodle.

Here is a picture of Briana in her dress that we bought from you. Thank you sooo much for the work you put into it as well as getting it to us as quickly as you did. I clearly think that she was the best looking girl in her class. I am going back to the school for a few minutes today during their party and I may take a picture of the entire class and email it to you as well.

Again, thanks!

Jesse Harness

Pookey, thank you for the beautiful bubble gum pink poodle skirt! Here is Samantha just before the Mother/Daughter 50s dance. Thanks!

Beth Woodson
Lambertville, MI

Hi Barbara,

Thought you might like to see Toots in the wonderful poodle skirt that you sent me. I haven't done it before because I waited until I was able to get the clown saddle oxfords. Thanks again for the skirt. I have worn it now several times with the church clowns. Everyone loved it!

I entertained elderly residents in a health care facility and they really loved my poodle skirt!

Also visited a day care center for Alzheimer's patients, and even the men along with the women loved my red skirt! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!
TOOTS, the clown
Barbara Dale
Houston, TX

This is my daughter, Kay, dressed in your poodle skirt, slip, and scarf. Thanks to you, she was the best-dressed little girl at her school's 50s dance! She said she felt like a princess all day long. (Kay is wearing the bubble gum pink skirt.)

Bubble Gum Pink Poodle Skirts
Pookey, Here is the picture of the Second Grade Brownie Troop from Bethesda, Maryland in their poodle skirts. They looked great! Their dance to "Rock Around the Clock" was the hit of the Woods Academy School Variety Show and everyone loved their skirts. Thanks, Lily Argilagos Dwyer

Lucy Grant lives in the UK.
Lucy is wearing the bubble gum pink poodle skirt and scarf.


I wanted to thank you again for all your help with my last minute Poodle Skirt crisis! We had a great time at the Bransford Elementary School's annual Sock Hop and Carnival in Colleyville, Texas. I'll bookmark your site for all my future Sock Hop needs!

Susan Tucker

Here is a picture of my husband and I before the guests arrived! All the guests were asked to come in 50's inspired attire and - they did!! It was really great. The party started at 7pm and lasted til 330am! We danced until we dropped!!!

Thank you so much for the wonderful skirt and crinoline! I was definitely the belle of the ball and enjoyed every minute of it!!

Alexandra Brut-Christensen
Oslo, Norway

Greetings from Norway!

Turquoise Poodle Skirt
Hi Pookey,

you met my husband and our daughter Michaela this evening. Thank you so much for the beautiful purple
skirt - we're all so excited!! These pictures are from last year at Michaela's Sock Hop - dad was her date.
I'll send pics of the purple skirt soon.Thanks again for your help - you'll hear from us again next year!!

Take care

Michelle Whatley

Jaclyn with Alan Jackson Here is the picture of Jaclyn and Alan Jackson. Jaclyn is in the process of making her own Alan Jackson website with lots of pictures of her at the concert. The site is not published yet. We will give credit to you for the costume and a link back to your site. Let me know when you get her picture published. I would like to see it. Thank you, Taira

Blue and Turquoise Poodle Skirts
You were wonderful! Thanks so much for turning around not one, but two, of the most adorable skirts I've ever seen. Maia and Alexis were the hit of the Brownie's '50s Day. I'm ordering one for myself so we can be triplets at Halloween.

Janet Harrell
Tucker, GA

Harris Bank employees celebrating at their Annual Retail Sales Event.

Harris Bank employees enjoying their "Fifties Theme Celebration" in Chicago, Illinois.

Sally Smith, Teresa Kay and Linda Neufang enjoying "50's Day" at Legacy Christian Academy in Frisco, Texas.

*please note the red poodle skirt only comes with a white poodle.

Destanee from Pensacola Florida ready for the Sock Hop.

Having fun at the Sweet Potato Queens parade in Jackson, Mississippi.

I ordered one of your poodle skirts for my 12 year old daughter last spring for her 50s celebration at school. Last month I ordered a poodle skirt for myself so my daughter and I could dress alike to attend the "Mickey's No So Scary Halloween Party" at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World. We went to the party last Friday night (October 10th) and we received so many compliments on our outfits. I was very pleased with my skirt and it was so comfortable wearing it all evening. I have attached 2 photos of my daughter Kathryn and myself wearing our poodle skirts. Thank you again.
Elaine I. Haag and Kathryn Haag
Kingwood, TX

Thank you again, your skirts are so well made! The girls looked so beautiful wearing them! Sara did not wear her crinoline, but Stacy just loved how it made her skirt poof out. They were both very happy! Thank you for such great service, product and quick shipping! Thank you!
God bless!


Hi Pookey, here are pictures of Michaela in your purple skirt.
Thank you so much for the last minute help. She looked wonderful and everyone raved about her beautiful purple poodle skirt. We'll definitely contact you again next year!!
Thank you!

Carrollton, Texas

Newspaper's front page honors Mother, Stephanie Kinnunen, in Frisco, Texas Newspaper May 2004. Felisha, her daughter, is wearing Pookey Snoo's pink poodle skirt and matching scarf.

Get your scarves and poodle skirts at Pookey Snoo!

Katelyn at the Cinderella State Pageant in Charlotte, NC.

"Send us your photo with your Poodle Skirts and Scarves.
We'll make you famous!"

Letters, We Get Letters...

Thank you so much for the expedited order. It's really great to buy from such professionals. I didn't want it unless I could get it next day and you amazingly made it happen! Thanks!

Darla Lamper
Boulder, Colorado

Dear Pookey, Thank you so much for the BEAUTIFUL PINK poodle skirt. It came yesterday and I LOVE IT! Actually I intend to wear it to an oldies square dance and I can't wait. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I appreciate you making the light pink one for me even though you had other colors in stock! My dream was to have a pink poodle skirt some day and because of you, I do. THANKS SO MUCH. I will try to get a picture from the dance to send to you.
Derry, PA

My poodle skirt arrived in Ohio today, in less than three days! it's not often that I open a package that makes me smile as I peek inside. What a treat to buy something so nicely made. Thank you.
Emily Winkle
Holland, Ohio

My turquoise child's large skirt arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful. My daughter LOVES it and I am so impressed with the quality. I can't wait to have an occasion for myself or my 3 other daughters to need a poodle skirt. We will definitely tell everyone about your work. You really do an incredible job!!
Thank you! Mary

Mary Bleier
Ashburn, VA

I received my daughter's poodle skirt the other day and wanted to let you know that she LOVES it! Her school is having a sock hop in a couple of weeks and I wanted her to have a good quality poodle skirt. I'm extremely happy that I chose Pookey Snoo!

Elizabeth Tuten
Abilene, TX

Thank you so much. My daughter's poodle skirt and scarf arrived just in time. It was a perfect fit. She looked wonderful. She is such a tom-boy, I thought I would never see her in a dress and be happy. Thanks again,

Jackie Gillman
Rio Rico, AZ

I just received one of your poodle skirts and just love it! I received it in just 3 days, and we are so pleased with the quality of the material. The skirt is beautiful. We are thrilled with both your service and quality. Our elementary school has a sock hop every year, and I will recommend your site to other moms. Thanks again!

Kathy Pratt
Noblesville, IN

Just wanted to let you know my daughter and I received our poodle skirts the other day. I must say they are too adorable. My husband is taking our daughter to a Daddy/Daughter Dance 50's style and I will working the event. We just can't wait to show off our skirts. Thanks again on such quick delivery

Linda Race
Somonauk, IL

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the darling poodleskirt. My daughter is in a school play so I thought I could make one myself...what a disaster! I appreciate very much that you were able to ship one out to me so quickly. She is going to be just thrilled when she sees it.

Thank you again!

Gina O'Halloran
Glen Ellen, IL

I love your site. Your skirts are the cutest that I've seen.

Belinda Miller
Roanoke, VA

I received my daughter's poodle skirt today and it was so much more than I expected. I cannot tell you how pleased we are. First of all, THANK YOU for fulfilling our order SO QUICKLY!! Also the description says elastic waist and I assumed that the elastic was sewn into the felt. (Like an elastic casing) I was stressing over where I might find a black belt in a hurry. Boy was I surprised to find that the elastic waist was the wide black elastic. That is such a huge plus, you should put it in the description on the web site. (For people like me who wouldn't know better) Again, THANK YOU and I will try to remember to send a picture. God bless you all.

Cathy Garrett
Gadsden, AL

Thank you so much for the lovely poodle skirt! It arrived on time and my daughter loved it! She cannot wait to wear it on Friday during our sock hop! She is especially excited that it has "diamonds" on it! We will certainly keep you on our favorite places file and will be ordering a cowboy outfit for our little man!

Thanks again!

Kathy Lane
Franklin, TN

I just spoke with you on my daughter's order. I can not thank you enough for the fast response. I am so happy I found your web page. I just "love it" when kids wait till the last moment to inform us they need a certain outfit for school.......Ha!

Patti Schwab
Fall City, WA

I received the skirt yesterday and it is absolutely adorable! Thanks so much!

Brandy L. Gates
Vienna, VA

Hi! This Jamie Sidelinger from Kersey Pennsylvania. just wanted to let you know I received the hot pink poodle skirt today and it is darling I love it and so does my daughter. She is in a school play on Thursday and can't wait to wear it. Thank you so much for getting it to me fast.

Thanks again!

Just a little note to say thank you. I received the two skirts I ordered in two days. They are absolutly adorable. My two girls were all dressed up for 50's day at school and just loved their skirts. I will send a photo when I can.

Again, thank you for all your help and friendliness.

Susie Aronson

I recently ordered a poodle skirt and matching scarf from you for a "Flashback to the Fifties" valentine banquet. I got so many compliments on it. You do a superb job and ordering was so easy. Thank you for listing your business on the internet.

Joan Dodson
Swartz Creek, MI

I just wanted to tell you how much we loved the poodle skirts! We went to the sock hop dance last night and the family looked great. We all had on matching pink skirts and scarves- thanks to you! we got so many compliments on them. Now the girls can have them for playing dress up or halloween. they wanted to wear them again today!!

Thanks again for selling such great skirts and shipping on a timely basis!

Caroline Balavender
(and Kirstin & Ashley, too)


Thanks so very much. Poodle skirt arrived today and fits perfectly! I hope to wear it Sunday as our 40s 50s 60 70 80s 90s dance is Sunday. Right now I am preparing for my weekend college course (Sat 8:00 to 5:00 and Sunday 8:00 to 3:00). Hope I am not too exhausted to dress up and go dancing (can't wait to show off my new duds).

I will recomend your skirts/work to my dancing friends. Thanks again. Enjoy the holidays.



Just received my bubble gum pink poodle skirt in the mail!!! Just luv it!! Thanks so very much!!! It fits great!

Caryn Lisnek


I just wanted to let you know that both poodle skirts that I ordered have arrived and look just great! I have told several friends about your site and how fast you sent out the orders, so you may be getting more orders from people around this area. Thanks again for the fast service and for the good quality product that you make.

Jean Ellen Bisch
Grayville, Ill.

I wanted to let you know that my daughter loved her pink poodle skirt - she said it was "perfect". She had a great time at her 5th Grade graduation party, the skirt was exactly right for the 50's theme.

Thank you.

Laura Tatar
Bradenton, Florida

Hello again,

I just had to write and say how adorable and well made the two skirts are that arrived yesterday. Thanks so much for getting those out to me in such a timely fashion. My daughters were thrilled to know that on Halloween they'll be looking very 50ish in their perfect poodle skirts.

I also wanted to say how glad I am that you have a website for your products - I'm not sure where I would have found such high quality skirts by just going to Halloween shops.


Judy Philen O'Connell
Rolling Hills Estates, CA

Thanks for your speedy delivery of my pink poodle skirt. I wore it last week and it got rave reviews! It's well made with the black elastic waist band and the skirt is so full I don't need a crinoline.

J. Roisman

Thank you for the responce, I was able to get in a call on wednesday and ordered it overnite. It arrived here thursday and made a little girl very happy. It was a real nice skirt, the dog collar was something I didnt notice in the photo. I was very pleased with it. Thank you for your prompt shipment, it was a real life saver.

David Marsh


Just received my new red poodle skirt and just wanted to let you know that it is the greatest! Can't wait to wear it to the sox hop!! Thank you so very much, I'll forward your web site to all my friends.


Regina Italia

Thanks so much...it's beautiful! And my daughter insisted on wearing it to school today! I can't wait to wear it myself!


Barbara, thanks to your good work! My daughter won first place at her ice skating competition - this routine was called a "spotlight" routine and for that particular event the costume was 50% of the judging. Colette is 6 years old and this was her first "first place" metal. I will send a copy of the picture when it comes in. Thank you so much for your help.

Denise Martin

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