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Poodle Skirts

for Kids and Adults, made the 1950s way

Available in nine brilliant colors:
poodle skirt colors

The poodle is black on the pink, bubble gum pink, hot pink, turquoise, and light blue poodle skirts. The poodle is white on the red, purple, dark purple, and black poodle skirts.

Kid's Sizes: $28.00
Small (fits 2 toddler - 4 toddler) 14-1/2" Length

Medium (fits 4 - 8) 19" Length
Large (fits 10 - 14) 23" Length

Adult Sizes: $37.50
Small (fits 4-10) 30" Length
Medium (fits 12-16) 30" Length

Texas residents add 8.25% State Sales Tax

Wash the skirt by itself. Acrylic tends to ball if it is washed with other garments. Wash normal in full load cycle. No bleach! (Watch out for some of the detergents because they have bleach.)

Rub Spray-and-Wash stain stick on spots before you wash. Hang to dry and press with a steam iron set on acrylic.
poodle skirt description
Pookey Snoo poodle skirts are cut as a full circle felt skirt with no seams and are made with the finest 100% acrylic washable felt. With our skirts there is no need for a cinch belt because ours are made with a wide black elastic waist band that mimics the look of the 1950s cinch belts.

All of our poodle skirts have a custom made plush felt poodle that is the perfect size for our skirts. The poodle has a leash and a beautiful crystal collar.

  • Large inventory
  • Speedy delivery

Made in Texas, USA.
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