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Pookey Snoo has been making the best selling 1950s poodle skirts for kids and adults since 1992, in the USA. Not only do we carry the most gorgeous poodle skirts but we also sell scarves, crinoline slips and now T-Shirts. Our clients have included thousands of little girls and adults too, as well as Sonic Drive-Ins, McDonalds and our favorite THE GIRLS ON "DEAL OR NO DEAL".

Our stunning 1950s poodle skirts are made in Texas, U.S.A.

Poodle Skirts
Yes, our pink poodle skirts were worn by the beautiful girls on Deal Or No Deal. We had a "Deal Or No Deal" party to watch the show. It was an exciting night for all of us at Pookey Snoo.

Winner of Best Costume Award

Poodle Skirts
I wore the turquoise poodle skirt for our college Winter Fling Dance with the Local Stars and won Best Costume. We had a blast. Wearing an authentic poodle skirt was a highlight for me. -- Kris

photo taken by www.scottbulger.com

Poodle Skirts
These 8 year old girls are wearing our child large light pink poodle skirt, turquoise poodle skirt, and hot pink poodle skirt and matching chiffon scarves around their necks and black chiffon scarves in their hair. They are also wearing our new black fitted t-shirts with a collar blinged out with Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones.

Pookey Snoo Poodle Skirts is known around the world for our beautiful poodle skirts with custom made poodles with crystal collars, slips, and chiffon scarves, as well as our personal service, attention to detail and fast delivery. Whether you or your daughter are attending a sock hop, Halloween party, birthday party, or just want to dress up in 50s attire, we have just what you need. And better yet they are made here in the great state of Texas! We know that you and your daughter are going to love our 50s poodle skirts. For more information about our poodle skirts made the authentic 1950s way visit our Poodle Skirt page. For pictures of our skirts in all of the available colors, please check out our photo gallery.

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